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Art in Demand

This photo is taken by Rebecca Fritz in San Diego who was looking for some paints for her ornaments. She went to two shops but without luck.

Indeed, during social distancing, arts and crafts are experiencing a surge in popularity. The Etsy handicraft product marketplace just released its Q2 earnings report, and the company says it helped sell US$346 million worth of masks during the pandemic, accounting for 14 percent of all sales across small sellers on the platform. Hobbycraft, an online craft supplier in the UK, reported a 200% boom in online sales since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Some of the moms we work with have just picked up crocheting, sewing, and painting recently as hands-on hobbies like or money making alternatives. They find a lot of joy doing the work.

There are abundant studies showing that art is like medicine. Art is able to change people’s perspectives, moods, relationships, and overall health. The stress that comes with motherhood can be high. A big percentage of mothers experience stress in time, financial, and relationship demands, and art can help lessen these stresses.

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