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Going Back to a Hobby

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Many moms I know started going back to a hobby they once liked during social distancing.

Kylie stated nursery wall painting and opened her Etsy shop in Sept. Emily began making masks, mask keepers and pouches for her family members and friends. Emily joyfully spends time displaying her work and taking photos of them at home. She takes her work seriously and gave me some samples of her work so that I could gain personal experiences before recommending them to customers of Moms Got Talents. I came to know Emily through her son Isaac. We first met at a celebratory dinner arranged for nannies of their startup ‘Doulaeasy” a few years ago. They have the goal of helping new nannies secure employment. The idea came after Emily experienced challenges in finding employment upon completion of the nanny training course. Like mother like son, both Emily and Isaac have strong social mission to support others around them. I’m happy to be working with them.

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