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How I started my painting business

My furry babes: Indy, Ellie and Cha Siu Bao

It has been nearly a year since I started my painting business. Though it was totally unplanned, it has been a blessing and I am so thankful for all the support I received from my friends and followers.

I have always loved making crafts, and my interests are broad. When I discovered a friend was giving classes on acrylic pour painting, I signed up right away. Since my husband loves mountains and nature, I painted a forest and gave it to him as his surprised Father’s Day gift.

Before I got married, I had been taking painting classes after work. I loved painting even though I didn’t have much chance to paint. So, after attending my friend’s painting class I started painting again. At first, I painted wild animals like bears, deer and moose, later on I started painting my pets.

It was just before Thanksgiving when I found a few leftover ornaments from my son’s previous class party. I oversaw a craft project and we painted handprints on ornaments turning their little fingers into snowmen. The ornaments were such a perfect keepsake and the parents loved them. So, I came up with an idea suddenly, why not paint my pet on the plastic ornaments? I lost my Westie a year ago and I missed him so much. I just thought it would be nice to remember him as we celebrate the holidays.

I painted three ornaments, one of each of my Westies, and I finished them with a Christmas ribbon on top. After I shared them on my Facebook page, people started inquiring about ordering. I was hesitant at first as I had never painted dogs besides my own. But I decided to accept the challenge and I’m so glad I did!!

Since then I have been painting pet ornaments and donated many to the Rescues. I love it when my customers are in awe of how beautiful and lifelike my ornaments are. I know how special their pets are to them, so I put lots of love into each ornament to make it as special as possible.

I have always dreamt of having my own business, but never thought it possible while doing something I love. Blessings comes from the most unexpected places and it is a dream came true for me.

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