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Motherhood in Gender Studies

Mother's Day is largely more celebrated than Father's Day; in films and literature, women always play multiple and versatile roles – be it a strong and independent divorced single mother or an achieving CEO-cum-billionaire – whilst men/fathers are oftentimes simply the breadwinners. In recent years, we see the urge to go gender-neutral for various terms and professions, ranging from humankind to chairperson and firefighter. Nowadays, we talk about both housewives and househusbands; maternity and paternity leave.

Womanhood and motherhood is an evolving subject matter that undergoes constant pauses and mutations, and Moms Got Talents is one of the many initiatives that rides on the vibrant discipline of gender studies.

Jason Ho obtained his PhD in Comparative Literature. He is interested in gender studies, feminism, queer theory, and film culture.

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