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New Year's Resolutions

A 2018 survey by Tangerine found that nearly 70% of Canadians have made resolutions, with over half focused on improving their physical health, and nearly a third wanting to get better at managing finances. However a survey by Ipsos found that eight in 10 Canadians have failed to keep resolutions because of a lack of willpower, motivation or drive.

Jim Davies, a professor of cognitive science at Carleton University offered some tips which I think are useful. He suggests to start on simpler goals first and concentrate on them. He believes changing life requires changing habits instead of willpower.

From now until February is a key milestone because study shows that 80% of people fail their resolutions by Feb.

I will gather some checklists and consolidate useful advice I come across in the coming weeks. Let's work towards our resolutions and support each other.

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