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The Reasons for Being

In the interview with Sandi @Allthingsrelax​, we talked about inspirational persons and events. This is what I shared.

I came to learn about this Japanese concept "Ikigai" from a post in Economic Forum. I was immediately intrigued and reflected on a few big questions over and over: what I love to do, what I am good at, what is in demand and what I could be paid for.

This is my conclusion so far. I have been lucky most of the time (not all) working with super bosses and colleagues, doing what I enjoy, am good at and getting a good pay.

Ikigai also resonates with Sandi. Her 'reason for being' is in French - la raison d'être.

Venturing into our new initiatives Moms Got Talents (Cindy) and All Things Relax (Sandi), I hope both of us and all ladies/moms around us will live an Ikigai / la raison d'être life.

The Reason for Being:

The interview is available

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