Hello 👋 my name is Joey !


“My mum Vicky says I am a witty girl because I could remember all names of my toys and brought her what she asked for even after a day”. Joey proudly shared. 


In 2011, Joey returned to God peacefully. She stayed strong in the midst of pains to express her gratitude to Vicky who she loved. She didn’t want her mom to worry about her. 


Not all memories are created equal. Joey is dearly missed and fondly remembered by Vicky and friends. 


👩‍🎨About the Artist

Vicky Wong


🐱Did You Know?

1️⃣Cat owners do have better psychological health than people without pets

2️⃣Cats are forms of stress relief

3️⃣Cats are more like preventative medicine (cat owners reported reduced health complaints like headaches and back pain)


Source: The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley



Hand Painted Cat - Joey