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Cocktail Hindi Movie English Sub lautali




I like your style. I love to listen you. You are awesome and you make me laugh with you. And you are my sister. My sister that I like very much. Please write to me, I hope that you are very well. I am waiting your letter. I love you. In this story, we see a young women named Meera (Diana Penty) who moves from a small town to the city to pursue her studies. Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) is in love with Meera, who is kind, intelligent, determined and independent. But she likes a boy named Vishal (Shankar Pandey) who is kind and simple. One day, Meera meets Gautam, who introduces her to his friends and introduces her to the world of London . Meanwhile, Vishal and Meera meet each other, fall in love, but Meera says that she is in love with Gautam. After graduation, Meera comes back to India, but her mother sends her back to London, because she wants her daughter to marry a rich man. Meera's mother does not know that Meera is in love with Gautam. Meera gets married to Vishal, but she knows that she loves Gautam. While Gautam is living in India, Meera comes to know that Gautam is married. She comes to India, but she does not tell Gautam her secret. Vishal and Meera break up, and they are in a dark room when Gautam comes into the room. He sees them and he says that they can not go anywhere without him. Gautam talks to Meera and tells her that she loves him. He says that he loves her and that he does not want to lose her. Gautam and Meera become a couple. Gautam and Meera are very good friends. Gautam tells Meera that he loves her and that he wants to be with her. But Meera leaves him and goes to her brother’s house. Gautam follows her and Meera says that she does not want to be in a relationship with him and that he can meet her whenever he wants. Gautam comes to her house and he says that he wants to marry her. Gautam gives Meera money and he goes to London . Me





Cocktail Hindi Movie English Sub lautali

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