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Emily Ng

Hong Kong

Emily Ng is a lifelong learner. She attended a nanny certificate course in 2007 and ever since then, she continues to update her professional knowledge in the area of childcare, lactation and baby massage. She shares her wealth of knowledge with other nannies through lecturing, magazine columns and her own blog. With the help of her son Isaac who studied information system, the family founded Doulaeasy, a social enterprise to facilitate matching of job seekers (nannies) and employers (families). The company offers a user-friendly online matching service that emphasises affordability, accessibility and ethical practices.

During the COVID 19 social distancing period, Emily started making drawstring pouches with the leftover scraps of fabrics her friend gave her. She enjoyed matching different colours, strings and ziplocks. With the needs of mothers and babies in mind, and her grandchild as the end user, the pouches she makes are perfect for storing soft towels, pacifiers, soft toys, water bottles and the small belongings for the nursery.

Emily's blog (in Chinese only)

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