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Gillian Wu

Hong Kong

I became the first-time mom of two furry sibling babies (kittens). They were abandoned after birth. Luckily, they were saved by a volunteer and met us one day in a hot summer back in 2008. My boy Mormor is fat and shy with a cute belly. His sister Meme is talkative, skinny and elegant.

The siblings possess very different characters but they share one thing in common – they both love to stay home so much for which is quite different from me and my husband. We are outdoor lovers. We always enjoy the beauty, enchantment, serenity, vibrancy of the nature so we would love to share our respect and thankfulness to the nature to everyone, as well as to our cats through our original embroidery art.

All of our artworks are handmade and one-of-a-kind created on the inspiration of our own travel experiences or seeing the captivating photo images. They would be a perfect gift to your beloved ones or a décor at your sweet home or favourite places.

Gillian @ Mominoki Studio

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